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The Playhouse is about to embark on an exterior painting project, and we are inviting YOU to help us document the process in an original, compelling, and artful way!

Over the course of the following two months (February 7th – April 10th), we invite all amateur photographers to visit the Playhouse and take photos of the “before,” “during” or “after” phases of the exterior painting project. Photos can be of any portion of the exterior of the Playhouse. Photographers will NOT have any access to the interior of the Playhouse, and must be respectful of painting crew onsite during the project (no climbing on ladders, lifts, or scaffolding, etc.).

** PLEASE NOTE** Due to the nature and scope of this painting project, we cannot pin down exact dates for the various phases. 

Click HERE to view the contest rules, prizes, and entry/waiver form.