Arts Drive Tourism

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Documentary Now TapingArts and culture organizations make the cities they reside in destinations. They put cities on the map, attracting individuals that may not have come otherwise. An example of this is the live taping we recently hosted.

Earlier this month, the Mission Playhouse was the filming location for IFC’S network series, Documentary Now! Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, and Bill Hader performed a live concert at the Playhouse as the band ‘Test Pattern’. The concert was for an episode that parodies Stop Making Sense, a 1984 concert movie with the band Talking Heads. Hundreds of people came in 80s attire (some waited hours in line-pictured above) to be in the audience for the live taping. We met people that drove from San Diego to be a part of the event. Like others, it was their first time at the Playhouse.

The event was featured on Host John Mulaney and Fred Armisen tweeted and Instagrammed to their hundreds of thousands of followers. Executive Producer Seth Meyers tweeted to his 4.2 million followers about the live taping. Every Instagram post and tweet put our name out there, introducing the Playhouse to new audiences. Look out for the episode that will air on IFC sometime in October!