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We are proud to be part of a community that appreciates and understands the importance of the arts!

Thank you to our current donors, grantors, and sponsors!

Benefactors (contributions of $10,000 and above)
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
United Charity Foundation
Steve Preston & Janet Whaley
National Endowment for the Arts
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Peter Crotty
Pasadena Star News (in-kind)
Ready Artwork (in-kind)

Creators (contributions of $5,000 to $9,999)
The Ann Peppers Foundation
Jason J. Pu, Councilmember
Historical Preservation Foundation of the Native Sons of the Golden West
Hilton Los Angeles/San Gabriel

Artisans (contributions of $2,500 to $4,999)
The Olson Company
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Builders (contributions of $1,000 to $2,499)
Andrews Family Trust
San Gabriel Women’s Foundation
San Gabriel Nursery & Florist
Longo Toyota-Lexus
Congressmember Judy Chu (CA-27)
Mary & Mike Cammarano
George Lin
In Memory of Marty Dominguez Raya
Athens Services

Makers (contributions of $500 to $999)
Ramona Parlor #109, Native Sons of the Golden West
20th Century Fox
Dan and Arundhati Neuman
Dr. C. Thomas & Sarah Peter
Michael Driebe & Sylvia Mendoza
Rotary Club of San Marino
Mr. & Mrs. William Payne

Frances Moore
San Gabriel Mission High School
In honor of Christine Ovalle
Gloria Rios
Salvador & Camila Lopez
Jesse Lattig
Pamela A. Bingham
Clare Sleeter
Deborah K. Salzman
Trudy Israel
Lorelei & Robert Lachman
Susan North
Anna Cross
Kelly Salloum
Brian J. Cross
Allen Medenilla
Denise Menchaca, Councilmember
Russell Cinque, Jr.
Susan L. Notheis
Sheryn Morris
Barbara Paul
Kathay Feng
Janet Grey
Mary-Jo Uniack (in-kind)
Virginia Mullen
Cheryl Clark
Jerry Durgerian
Janet Lovejoy
Alison Dickey & John C. Reilly
Siu Y. Chan
Tina Miller
Nancy & Mel Follett
Rosemary Benson
Diana L. Viveros
Sabrinna Lozano
Samantha Lozano
Gloria Duenas
Leticia Ulloa-Valle
Martin Joseph Honan
Raquel Enrique
Donald Williams
Stephanie Strout
Armando Vincent Lopez
Rose Marie & Duane Markus
Karen & Anthony Montella
Karen Mayeda
Lynda Bybee
Audrey Gevorkyan
Hector A. Gutierrez
Lorraine Mandella
Ana Bergner
Point Vicente Chapter NSDAR
Doug & Gail Cooper
Roberta Trotman
Jose Centeno
Cynthia Juvinall
Susanna Erdos
Lynda Flygar
Kari Bible
Lawrence & Carol Harsha
Rangle Cha
Rita Luffman
Dr. Lisa Rueda
Robert A. Palmer