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Running the Playhouse is a complicated business. From backstage to front of house, from mailing lists to archiving, there’s always a wide range of tasks to attend to. If you have some free time, or are looking to gain some experience behind the scenes, become a San Gabriel Mission Playhouse Volunteer! We have volunteers that help out a few times a year, and others that help out once a week, it all depends on how much you would like to be involved!

Please follow these steps:

1. Print and fill out the City of San Gabriel Volunteer Application form (Click here for form).

2. Send an email or call the Human Resources Department to set up a Volunteer Orientation (hr@sgch.org, (626) 308-2802).

3. Go to your Volunteer Orientation with your filled out Volunteer Application Form.

4. Send us an email or call us to let us know you’ve completed the orientation (rperez@sgch.org or Rebecca at (626) 308-2865 x227).

That’s it! We look forward to hearing from you!!!